All the plant photographies are performed by Patrick Blanc and their use must go with the photo caption and the mention "copyright Patrick Blanc"
  • Forest Understory

    Forest Understory

  •  Forest Understory 2

    Forest Understory 2

  • Plant Architecture

    Plant Architecture

  • Leaf colors and structures

    Leaf colors and structures

  • Root systems

    Root systems

  • Flowers


  • Fruits & Seeds

    Fruits & Seeds

  • Begonias


  • Epiphytes


  • Aquatics and Rheophytes

    Aquatics and Rheophytes

  • Aquatics and  Rheophytes 2

    Aquatics and Rheophytes 2

  • Waterfalls


  • Karst and Limestone Cliffs

    Karst and Limestone Cliffs

  • Rocks and Inselbergs

    Rocks and Inselbergs

  • Open areas

    Open areas

  • Plants, buildings and towns

    Plants, buildings and towns